The Triwindu Antique Market.

A Symbol of 24 Years of KGPAA Mangkunegara VII’s Reign

by: Bambang HP, BCHK

Triwindu Market was founded in 1939 as a symbol of KGPAA Mangkunegara VII the 24th ascending the throne. Tri means three while Windu means the periodic time of eight years, so Triwindu literally translated to twenty four years. The major ceremony to celebrate 24 years long reign of  KGPAA Mangkunegara VII was held by relatives of Mangkunegara and by the people of Surakarta. The Queen Wilhelmina from Holland attended this ceremony.

Triwindu Market is located in front of the Mangkunegaran Palace where it used to be Mangkunegara’s horse stable. Now, by the prevailing constitution and regulation of the Republic of Indonesia, the ex-lands of Mangkunegaran are now managed by the Government of Surakarta. The government changed the name of Pasar Triwindu to Pasar Windu Jenar.


The commodities of Pasar Triwindu can be classified as follows:


At the beginning of Triwindu’s operation until 1966, the original commodities were mixed with motorbike parts, building tools, household appliances, few antiques, etc.


After the flood in 1966, precisely after the Sumodilagan Market was established, there are no secondhand all-kind-of parts anymore. Back then, there were still lots of good quality antiques such as hanging lamps, European bronze statues, Chinese ceramics, European flower vases, silver household appliances, and a lot more. Even though back then, they weren’t considered as antiques.


Since the 1970s, those stuff became antiques. Antique is a thing which is more than 50 years old and still in a good condition.


In the 1990s, the antique sellers in Pasar Triwindu took the initiative to produce brand new old-fashioned products. Some of them are Furnitures from Serenan and Jepara, Bronze Statue from Mojoagung and Trowulan, East Java; Ceramics from Bandung (West Java), Dinoyo and Malang (East Java), Singkawang and Pontianak (West Borneo), Brass Crafts from Juwono, Silver Crafts from Yogyakarta, Structural Steel from Ceper (Pedan, Klaten, Central Java), Wooden Statue from Wonogiri, and Keris (deskripsi) from Solo.


When the monetary crisis in 1997 happened, the number of sale of spare parts, electronics, and repair tools was facing the terrible deflation. It’d gotten even worse because there was a rival market, which is a flea market around Banjarsari Monument. Today, the flea market has been relocated to Pasar Klithikan, Notoharjo, Semanggi.

On June 2008 until August 2009, Pasar Triwindu was rebuilt into two floor building which is more representative for market activity. When the restoration finished, the new market was inaugurated by then Mayor of Surakarta, Ir. Joko Widodo on 25 October 2009. The inauguration was celebrated with Cultural Carnival. Participants of this carnival were the merchants of Pasar Triwindu themselves. The event was celebrated with a convoy from Taman Sriwedari to now renovated Pasar Triwindu.


There are different kinds of visitors/costumers in Pasar Triwindu. There are those looking for a souvenir, craftsmen, even collectors. The antique buyers  are not only domestic, but also foreigners like from US, Canada, Australia, Netherland, German, French, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Middle-East, South Africa, England, Spain, Malaysia, and many more.


In order to attract visitors, the terrace of Pasar Triwindu is used to hold a number of cultural shows. You can anticipate Keroncong Concert, Jazz Concert, Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppets), and other art shows here. The terrace of the market are also often used as a place to welcome/entertain national/international congress guests held in Solo.

The area around the Pasar Triwindu and the street along the Mangkunegaran Palace to Slamet Riyadi Avenue is known as the Ngarsopura Cultural Hallway. Every week on Saturday night, this street is closed to hold a Night Market.



What is Pasar Triwindu?

Pasar Triwindu is an antiques & flea market with the area of 2.384 meter squares with two-floor building where vendors mostly sell antiques.

Where is the location?

Pasar Triwindu is located at Diponegoro Street, Keprabon village, Banjarsari sub-district, Surakarta. It is only a hundred meters in the south side of Mangkunegaran. To get the direction, view on maps. [Location]

What time does it open?

The market is open daily for visitor from 09.00 am-05.00 pm.

Is there an admission for visitor to get in?

No, there is not any admission to get in. Feel free to pay us a visit!

How do I get to the market?

Click here to see the complete directions. [Location]

Where do I park?

We do provide parking lot in front of the market and on the south side of the market. Do not park your vehicle on the street without permission from authorized officers.

What do vendors sell?

There are more than 200 kiosks, that’s why vendors sell various kinds of item. View the [Product].



Are there ATMs?

We do not have ATMs on the premises, however there are several banks with ATMs along the Slamet Riyadi Ave.

Do vendors accept Credit Cards?

Some might, some might not. All vendors accept cash, please stop by the ATM on your way to the market.

Things to do?

The market is open daily. You can feast your eyes with various kind of antiques. Explore every corner of the market, hunt the antiques you have never seen before. Obviously, it is a perfect place to hunt for photos. Moreover, if you visit the market on Saturday night, there will be a night market along the street in front of the market. Starting around 06.00 pm.

Do people sell food on the market?

There is a local/traditional food stall on the market. But, if you want to walk around, no matter what time you come, you’ll find legendary food stalls and restaurants around Pasar Triwindu. Soto, Gudeg Ceker, Gulai, Selat, and everyone’s favorite, Wedangan, will definitely satisfy you. There are also modern restaurants. You may open the Maps to get your favorite one.