As the most known antiques market in town, Pasar Triwindu offers various kinds of antiques. You can find anything you want to your desire. A vintage lamp to decorate your house, a Unique Wayang Paintings on a glass, a wooden carving about Wayang called Blawong, an old luggage for classy traveling look, lots of statues to collect such as Buddhist statue, wooden statue, brass statue and many more.


Batik Stamps:

As one of the leading cities in producing Batik, a lot of the designs were invented in Surakarta. To make it easier in producing mass-product of Batik, the craftsmen use the stamp to keep the detail of the Batik design. For this reason, there are a lot of unused Batik Stamps because the designs keep evolving as time goes by. What interesting is that the unused Batik stamps can be used as a unique and interesting decoration! You can place it on the table or anywhere you want, it will never get fail to decorate your space.


Ceramics, Crystals and Porcelains:

Talking about antiques, it won’t be the same without talking about ceramics. In Pasar Triwindu, the ceramic dealers offer various kinds of ceramics. Crystal Arts, Old Dining Sets, and Tea Sets are the special commodities in this market. The arts and the design on every ceramic will bring you back to hundreds year ago with their history, because some of them come back to 100 years old ago! Having them would be such an honor!


Keris, traditional Javanese dagger with rich history, is one of the masterpieces when we talk about antiques. It looks like a small blade, but it is smaller in size than a blade/sword. It has unique shape just like a lot of S letters fused into a sword. The shape of Keris causes more fatal damage than a sword. Just like the ceramics, some of the Keris collections in Pasar Triwindu are more than 100 years old! We double dare you to see them by yourself!


Old Currencies:

One of the oldest technologies of human, it changes everything, it changes the way humans live their life, it’s no other than money. In Pasar Triwindu, we can find many kinds of money from different era. It can be money of our older generations, money we used when we were children tens of years ago, or maybe money from just a few years back. You can find them in Pasar Triwindu.


Brass Crafts:

Brass Crafts can be an interesting option for house/space ornament. They’re made out of brass which is mostly handcrafted with traditional tools. Brass comes in numerous shapes and features. It can be used as an ornament on the wall/desk, a container, a vintage part for furniture like doors handle-bar, door-bells, door ornaments, and a lot of them are hanging lamps. If you want authentic brass crafts with the magnificent detail, Pasar Triwindu offers the best.



Pasar Triwindu is the right place if you’re looking for vintage electronics. Old television can be found easily in Pasar Triwindu. Even more, you also can find classic radios with classy design. You’ll realize how the electronic factories back in the past were very concerned in mass-producing detailed products. If you are lucky enough, some of the electronics can still work. Not only televisions or radios, there are also typewriters, vintage telephones, old pianos, cameras, and last but not least, gramophones!


Motorcycle Parts:

This is the reason why Pasar Triwindu is well-known as one of the best antiques and flea markets. You can find parts for your old motorcycles here. If you have difficulties in finding rare parts, you might find what you need in Pasar Triwindu! Come check us! You might be surprised!



Mark my word for this, Pasar Triwindu is really worth to visit! You will be mesmerized, because they even sell fossils! Visit us to see how unique the commodity of this market is. They have bones and teeth of animals which have turned into stone. It means each of the fossil has been in this world for hundreds of year! I bet you cannot find this anywhere else.


Recycle & Repair Service:

Pasar Triwindu is not only selling things. There are vendors here specializing in recycling and repairing. They can recycle broken vintage lamps into new ones so it can function well again. They can also repair any kind of tool such as dynamos, jacks, pulleys, and many more. So, if you have old tools or new ones not working, Pasar Triwindu can solve your problem.

What we have explained above is just main commodities of Pasar Triwindu. There are tons of items here you might never see somewhere else before. There are also places waiting for antiques hunters to explore. So, feel free pay us a visit, and explore more of the uniqueness of Pasar Triwindu!